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2021 Church Theme

Grow in Grace - what a wonderful command! Grace is a such a cornerstone in the foundation of our salvation that for a Christian who truly loves the Lord there could hardly be a greater desire than to grow in grace. But we often end 2 Peter 3:18 in our minds after those three words, and what a grave mistake that is. The way to grow in grace is to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

O that we could truly know Him! But that is our prayer and our focus this year. Certainly we would like to grow physically as a body of believers, but our aim is to grow spiritually. That can only happen when we exchange our ambitions, dreams, plans, and desires for those of Christ Himself. After all, I think He knows, far beyond what we could even ask or think, what is best for us. We would love for you to join us in the pursuit of Christ. 

What I Believe...And Why

It seems that the current generation of Christians firmly believe so few things today that they are willing to take a stand for. Perhaps the reason for that is that most don't even know why they believe the few things they do claim to believe. 

Answers to questions about their beliefs seem to teeter on things like, "Well, that's what I've always been told," or, "It says it somewhere in the Bible," or even, "I really don't know." This series aims to fix that by showing from the Bible why we believe the things we say we believe. Pastor Boots does not shy away from "hot-button" issues or popular beliefs that differ from what the Bible says, but he will show you why we can stand against social norms based on Biblical truths that have withstood centuries of criticism. 

You will come away from this series not only knowing what you believe, but why you say you believe it. 

Join us on Sunday evenings at 6 PM!

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