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2022 Church Theme

Forward By Faith - that ought to be the motto of every Christian every year of their spiritual lives, but for us, we are making it a special point of emphasis this year. Knowing our church situation, God is going to do some great things in our church this year. We are desperate for those things to not only be physical things, but spiritual as well. We invite you to join us as we beg God to help us move forward spiritually with these six resolutions:

     1. By faith I will be faithful to church. 

     2. By faith I will pray for ____ minutes per day. 

     3. By faith I will gain victory over my struggle. 

     4. By faith I will give. 

     5. By faith I will share the gospel with my neighbors. 

     6. By faith I will serve. 

What I Believe...And Why

It seems that the current generation of Christians firmly believe so few things today that they are willing to take a stand for. Perhaps the reason for that is that most don't even know why they believe the few things they do claim to believe. 

Answers to questions about their beliefs seem to teeter on things like, "Well, that's what I've always been told," or, "It says it somewhere in the Bible," or even, "I really don't know." This series aims to fix that by showing from the Bible why we believe the things we say we believe. Pastor Boots does not shy away from "hot-button" issues or popular beliefs that differ from what the Bible says, but he will show you why we can stand against social norms based on Biblical truths that have withstood centuries of criticism. 

You will come away from this series not only knowing what you believe, but why you say you believe it. 

Join us on Sunday evenings at 6 PM!

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