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Forward By Faith
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2023 Church Theme

Always Faithful - that ought to be the motto of every Christian every year of their spiritual lives, but for us, we are making it a special point of emphasis this year. We are reminded of the command in 1 Corinthians 4:2 which says, "Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful." That does not leave a lot of wiggle room for Christians to be unfaithful in any of their spiritual relationships. As Christians, we should be faithful to attend church, which is the only institution for which Jesus Christ gave His life. Christians should be faithful to the cross in the way that we share the message of the gospel as well as to the outreach efforts of the local church God has called you to be a part of. Lastly, Christians should be faithful to the finish in the way we serve our Lord until He comes back or until He calls us home. 

We are excited to focus on faithfulness this year as we continue to move forward for the cause of Christ!

What I Believe
What I Believe...And Why

It seems that the current generation of Christians firmly believe so few things today that they are willing to take a stand for. Perhaps the reason for that is that most don't even know why they believe the few things they do claim to believe. 

Answers to questions about their beliefs seem to teeter on things like, "Well, that's what I've always been told," or, "It says it somewhere in the Bible," or even, "I really don't know." This series aims to fix that by showing from the Bible why we believe the things we say we believe. Pastor Boots does not shy away from "hot-button" issues or popular beliefs that differ from what the Bible says, but he will show you why we can stand against social norms based on Biblical truths that have withstood centuries of criticism. 

You will come away from this series not only knowing what you believe, but why you say you believe it. 

Join us on Sunday evenings at 6 PM!

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