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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for services?

At Mt. Victory Baptist Church most of our members wear their “Sunday best,” but we have no specific dress code. We only ask that your attire be publicly acceptable.

Do you have a nursery?

Yes. We have a nursery that is staffed by caring ladies who desire to serve the Lord by caring for your child.

Where do my children go?

For ages 1-3, we have a nursery. For all other children, we have a Sunday school program. When you arrive, you will be greeted at the entrance and taken to the right classroom.

Why do you have more than one service each week?

While some churches will repeat the same service and message multiple times in the same week, each of our services are different. They are designed to help you and to meet different needs in your life.

How do people get to Heaven?

The Bible teaches that the way to Heaven is not through a church or denomination. It is not even through good works. The way to Heaven can only be found through Jesus Christ. Only by turning from sin and accepting Christ can a person go to be with Him in Heaven. Click here to learn more.

Which Bible do you use?

We use the King James Version of the Bible. We believe it is an accurate translation from the correct Greek text.

Why do you use traditional music in your services?

Contemporary services are becoming more and more common. Many churches have copied the music culture of the world. Unfortunately, this music and this culture has had a terrible effect on our country and led to rampant problems, especially among young people. Our church rejects this and continues to use beautiful hymns and spiritual songs.

Why do people come forward to the altar at the end of the service?

This part of our service is called the “invitation.” You are invited at this time to go to the altar and pray about whatever is on your heart. You can also approach the pastor if you would like counsel, if you have any questions, or if you would like to join the church.

Are you part of a denomination?

No, Mt. Victory Baptist Church is not part of a denomination. We are an independent Baptist church.We do not report to a church hierarchy of any kind. While we do fellowship with other churches, all decisions related to the church are decided by our congregation and our pastor.

Why are you Baptist?

This church is a Baptist church by conviction and principle, not by affiliation. This means that we believe the basic Bible teachings for which Baptists have historically stood. As Baptists, we believe the following:

  • The Bible is our sole authority for all matters of faith and practice.

  • The church should be autonomous, or self-governing.

  • The believer does not need a priest, other than Jesus Christ, to come boldly to God.

  • Every Christian has equal access to God personally.

  • God’s Word gives us two ordinances for the church—baptism (by immersion) and the Lord’s Supper.

  • Each person is individually responsible for his decision to accept Christ.

  • The separation of church and state is biblical.

  • The believer is eternally secure and cannot lose salvation.

  • There are two biblical offices in the church—pastors and deacons.


Why do you baptize by immersion?

The word baptism comes from the Greek and means “to immerse.” In the Bible, all those who were baptized were immersed. Being put under the water and then brought back up out of the water is a picture of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

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