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     There are many programs available to help young people memorize the Word of God. What a wonderful fact, for there is hardly a more important avenue by which to build young Christians than through filling them full of the Bible. But there seems to be an unwritten rule that the moment a child enters his teen years, he suddenly grows out of the need to continue memorizing the Word of God. By adulthood, Christianity is hard-pressed to find one of its members still actively participating in Bible memorization.

     If we are so adamant that our young people memorize the Bible, why do we not see the importance of doing so as adults? Does not Psalms admonish us that if we hide God's Word in our hearts it will help us to keep from sinning against Him? What a great plan to help us live holy before Him no matter what age we are.

     God's Word is forever settled in Heaven. It is as real as the pages you hold in your hand. It has been sealed and delivered to us for all eternity. Additionally, as you learn the verses throughout these pages, the more your mind will be forever settled on the issues that are important to God. Nothing can replace the rich words of Scripture to give us a sense of the heart of God toward His creation.

Forever Settled: A Book of Scripture Memory (Spiral Bound)

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