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Put on Your Running Shoes

Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Psalm 105:4

It is no secret that I like to run. As I am getting older, I do run less often than I used to, but I still enjoy it. After running several marathons, and many races in between, I can honestly say that, each time, I prepare myself for running before I go out to run. I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I lace up a pair of running shoes, and I go run. Not once in all my years of running have I decided to go run five miles in a suit. I have never decided to strap on my soccer cleats or dress shoes to run down the road. I have never slid into a pair of flippers and goggles to jog down the road, and I think it is pretty safe to say that I never will. If I am going to run down the road, then I always properly prepare to run down the road.

In 1 Chronicles 22, in King David’s charge to his son Solomon to build a magnificent temple for God, he admonished him to “set [his] heart and [his] soul to seek the Lord [his] God.” God had a very important job laid out for Solomon that only he was able to accomplish. As much as David had wanted to build the temple for God, only Solomon was suited for that work. So David told Solomon how important it was to prepare himself for the work that God had planned for him to do. As a Christian, you must do the same thing if you are to serve God with your life. You must prepare yourself to seek the Lord and serve Him. It seems like that would be an obvious conclusion to someone who wanted to serve God, yet many Christians are not preparing themselves to serve God. If you want to serve God with your life, then you cannot prepare for it by serving the world. Dressing and talking like the world are not going to help you do what God has called you to do. Listening to the world’s music and watching the world’s television and movies are not going to move you closer toward what God wants you to become. Hanging out with those who whole-heartedly follow the world will not prepare your heart to serve your God. Only a specific setting-apart of your life to serve God will prepare you to follow His will.

You would think me foolish if you saw me running down the road, soaking wet with sweat, in a tie and dress pants. You would find it ridiculous if you saw me jogging in a pair of flippers and goggles. Yet, does it not seem ridiculous to see a Christian who says he wants to follow God with his life following after the things of the world? You must take the advice of David to Solomon and set your heart to seek the Lord if you plan to serve him with your life.

Read also: 1 Chronicles 22:11-19

Quote of the day: “To do the will of God is the greatest achievement.” – George Truett

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