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Lock Your Door

Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God, and set a watch against them day and night... Nehemiah 4:9

Growing up out in the country in Indiana, there was little to fear once I was inside the house. Sure outside, there were coyotes and other wild animals that posed a threat to some of our animals, and possibly even to us if we cornered it, but the house was safe. We never locked our doors at night, or even when we left the house. However, times are much different now. My parents have an alarm system on the house I grew up in; and at my home in Virginia, I keep my doors locked all the time. Before I was married, I spent some time alone in the apartment that my wife and I would live in after we were married. I remember the uneasy feeling that washed over me as I lay there alone and heard some noises outside my front door. Was someone trying to break in? Was someone just waiting to club me if I walked outside to see what the noise was? I was glad the door was locked, and I surely hoped it was strong enough to withstand a robber’s advances. An open door would have been an open invitation for a devious person to rob me or do something even worse.

In much the same way, we must protect our spiritual lives. The devil is at the door waiting to destroy our lives. If we leave our hearts open to him through listening to the wrong kind of music, by allowing our mouse to wander around an unprotected internet, or by watching television with no accountability, then he will take full advantage of our vulnerability. We must set up a system that will keep us from getting destroyed by Satan.

There are many things that can be done to “lock the door” of our hearts to protect what is inside. For example, particularly for young people, it is easy to listen to the wrong kind of music if you wear headphones. Set them aside and determine to only listen to music through speakers – it will give you some accountability. If you must be online, only browse the internet when a filter or some accountability software is set in place. To do anything else would be inviting the devil to place temptations in front of you that will help you fall. When it comes to television, viewing should be minimal, but you should never watch it alone. Advertisements and shows are readily available that will stifle your spirituality. Watching television with others around will help protect you from yourself.

Just as a person today would be foolish to leave the door to his house unlocked, a Christian would have to be foolish to leave his heart unlocked for Satan to ravage as he pleases.

Read also: Nehemiah 4:1-9

Quote of the day: "Temptation usually comes in through a door that has been deliberately left open.”

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