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I Need Revival When... (Part 6)

Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. Titus 1:15

When I take a light-hearted view of sin, I need revival.

I grew up with many kids who came from the same background as I did. They had good parents who loved them and sacrificed niceties so they could attend a solid Christian school. They sat beside me in Sunday school, and they were in church with me at every service. They were involved in the youth group activities like soul-winning and nursing home visitation. They heard the same messages I heard, and they were given the same warnings and advice that I was. The unfortunate thing is that many of them have now turned their backs on their upbringing and are living only for the pleasure of the world.

I paused for a while to contemplate what might have caused so many young men to leave what they knew was right for a life they know is wrong. Thinking back on what they used to do in high school, the only conclusion I could draw is that they took a light-hearted view of sin. It seems to me that much of that attitude was developed from watching worldly movies and television. What their parents undoubtedly assumed were innocent get-togethers had turned into evenings filled with movies that were dishonoring to God. As the cursing and impurity floated from the screen, the things that at one time would have repulsed them became familiar to them – they started to accept those wicked things as normal. They no longer saw those sins as offensive to a holy God. Then came the next step: as they became familiar with watching others sin on the screen, they began to experiment with them in their own lives. After accepting those few things on television, it wasn’t long before they were accepting any sin as normal. They learned how to hide it in front of the right people, but when the chance came for them to live out that wickedness, they left the protection of their parents and counselors and dove headlong into the sin they had acquired such a taste for.

When you find yourself accepting the very things that you know in your heart you should be repulsed by, then you need revival. Sin is still sin no matter how accustomed you become to it. One day it will destroy you if you don’t take care of the problem at the root.

Read also: Titus 1:10-16

Quote of the day: "He does not love what is good who does not hate what is evil.”

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