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I Need Revival When... (Part 5)

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. James 4:7

When I persist in known sin, I need revival.

Let me ask you a few hard-hitting questions. Do you look at things on the internet that you know are not pleasing to God? Do you watch things on television that you know are not right? Do you have an attitude against those in authority over you? Do you disregard the rules if you think you will not get caught? Do you have things in your past that you still have not made right? Do you have anything between you and God that is holding back your relationship with Him? Your relationship can never be right with God until you make those (and any other sin) right with God. The only answer to making everything right is to experience a revival in your life.

Many people are willing to pardon their sin under the idea that they are only human. They cite the many examples of those in Scripture whom God used after they had committed sins that most would be appalled by. However, when they make excuses for their sin, it is because they love that sin more than they love God, and they need revival. They must develop a hatred for that sin, and not just when they get caught. Sin is what caused Christ to be hit, spat upon, whipped, beaten, and crucified. To persist in known sin is to walk through life with an attitude of indifference toward what Christ really did for us when He died on the cross. Shame on the person who can hurt God over and over and treat it with disregard.

Many have learned how to fake Christianity on the outside while being filled with ungodliness within. Each person in the Bible that God used after a great sin had a couple defining characteristics. First of all, they were caught. Number 32:23 says, “and be sure your sin will find you out.” Your sin will be exposed at some point; it is best to make it right with God before He has to expose your wickedness in a harsh way. Secondly, each one that God used experienced a personal revival of sorts. They repented of their sin and made it right with God. It was only then that God could use them – not before. The truth is, every person knows what his secret sins are. Those who are willing to allow the conviction of the Holy Spirit to move them to repent of those sins and then make it right will experience the revival they need that will allow God to use them once again.

Read also: Romans 6:1-23

Quote of the day: "It’s the sins we cover up that eventually bring us down.”

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