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I Need Revival When... (Part 4)

The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts. Psalm 10:4

When my thoughts during my leisure moments do not reflect upon the Lord, I need revival.

The world is filled with things that are vying for our attention. Marketing strategists have honed their skills in how to attract that attention. From catchy television commercials and peppy radio jingles, down to flashy billboards and advertisements in magazines and newspapers, these marketers know what will attract people to their product. Perhaps the mere mention of these things brought company mascots or jingles into your mind. It really is getting harder to avoid the bombardment we face by companies trying to get us to buy their products. They cannot be faulted for trying to make a profit. The sad thing is that we let all these things pull us away from the time that we could be using to reflect upon our Lord. So, the question is: how much of your leisure time do you spend in meditation with God? We should certainly be spending time with God in our daily devotions through Bible reading and prayer, but when your heart is right with God, you will enjoy meditation with Him apart from just times of devotions.

Many would argue that they have very little leisure time. Playing sports, working, going to school, and just…life – all these things take most of their time. However, consider how much time you spend riding in the car, watching television and movies, surfing the internet, listening to music, and playing video games, just as examples. They are all leisure activities. Can you not part with one or two of those things and spend that time praising God for who He is? How often does your heart just well up and thank Him for your salvation and for the other things He has blessed you with? Do you even praise Him at all? You see, you disobey hundreds of commands in the Bible to praise God when you refuse (or neglect) to do so. I’m afraid many people even purposely spend their leisure time doing activities that will take their minds off holy things so they will not risk being convicted by their lack of love and service to God.

It is time to turn off the music, hide the television remote, shut out the world, and just think about God and let Him deal with you. What He can share with you in those leisure moments with Him will be of far greater value than anything we could ever gain from the doing the other activities. For you see, what you do and what you think about in your leisure time defines who you really are.

Read also: Psalm 34

Quote of the day: "Without meditation the truths which we know will never affect our hearts.” – Thomas Watson

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