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He May Come Back Today

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Titus 2:13

I have loved the story of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton since I first heard about him many years ago. Once, while he was on an expedition to the South Pole, he and his men were helplessly stranded when their ship was crushed by the enclosing ice. He decided he must go for help, so he left a few men on Elephant Island with the promise that he would return to rescue them. After securing a boat large enough to hold his men, he made his way back to the island, only to be rebuffed over and over by the huge icebergs in his path. Suddenly, as if by a miracle, a lane opened in the ice and he was able to get through. His men, haggard but ready, quickly climbed aboard. The ship cleared the ice just before it crashed together behind them once again. Once they knew they were safe, the crew began to contemplate their escape. Shackleton spoke to his men. “It was fortunate that you were all packed and ready to go.” Their reply was one of utmost confidence in their leader: “We never gave up hope. Whenever the sea was clear of ice, we rolled up our sleeping bags and reminded each other, ‘He may come today.’”

What a great statement that we, as Christians, should be reminding ourselves of every day. He may come back today! Do you really believe that? The way you are living your life proves whether you really believe it or not.

Ask any Christian, and they will more than likely say they believe that Christ could come back today. But here’s what happens. We may not say it out loud, but this becomes our mindset: “I want Christ to come back, but I want to see what it is like to graduate high school and go to college. Then He can come back.” That turns into “I want Christ to come back, but I want to see what it is like to graduate college and get married. Once I experience that, then He can come.” Marriage happens, and that becomes “I want Christ to come back, but I want to become a parent and see what a wonderful experience it is to have kids.” And on and on it goes. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, but they end up taking the place of Christ in our desire for them to come. According to 2 Timothy 4:8, there is a crown waiting for those who are looking for the coming of Christ. Are you really looking for His coming, or are you allowing other things to take His place?

Read also: Titus 2:1-15

Quote of the day: “Be ready, servant of Christ, for your Master comes suddenly, when an ungodly world least expects Him.” – Charles Spurgeon

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