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He Chose to Look

I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? Job 31:1

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake of King David’s life came when he innocently stepped out onto his rooftop terrace. Glancing over the city below, his eyes inadvertently fell upon a scantily clad woman named Bathsheba. There would be no account of a mistake or heartache in the life of David if he hadn’t made the decision to affix his gaze. What started as an accidental look turned into a sinful stare, and ultimately, it led to the foolish decision that David would pay for throughout the rest of his life. That sinful gaze turned into a hideous action which had to be covered up by a murder that soon led to the whole escapade being exposed to generation after generation of those who would read the account in the Bible – all because David chose to take a second look.

In a world where pornography, a multi-billion dollar industry, is so prevalent in society, it is easy to make the decision to look a second time or to let your eyes linger on an unrighteous object for much longer than they should. Young men are curious about the opposite sex because their senses are just beginning to awaken to the fact that women exist. The biological alarm clock begins to sound the alarm as it ticks toward that young man becoming a husband in the near future. Many young men are destroyed as they pursue the uncontrolled desire that has been sparked within them, so there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, though your curiosity is piqued at this point in your life, you just have to realize that there are some things that you are not meant to see. Just rest in the fact that someday God will allow it. The reward will be much sweeter when you have waited for it to be given to you rather than your going out and taking it. Secondly, you must understand that pornography will destroy you. It is a drug that demands increasingly more of your attention until you are so addicted that you must feed the craving to survive. Pornography is the cheap version of the real thing that God saves for those who save themselves for His timing. Pornography will never completely satisfy your cravings, and it will leave your future marriage suffering from its paralyzing effects. Lastly, you must put safeguards into place to protect yourself. The ultimate goal is to get to the point where you are afraid to look because you are afraid of hindering your relationship with Christ. That can be accomplished by establishing small habits like looking away each time your eyes fall upon something that isn’t right. God will bless a young man beyond what he sees right now when he chooses to give his desires, and his eyes, to God.

Read also: Matthew 5:27-30

Quote of the day: “God always gives His best to those who choose to walk with Him.” - Grant Colfax Tuller

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