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Grab It and Run

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4

I like football. I like watching it, and I like playing it. I wish I could have played on a team growing up. It is entertaining because it is like watching a modern version of ancient warfare as the sides duke it out face-to-face in an attempt to out-maneuver each other. I like watching the quarterback orchestrate the offense, but I am intrigued by the position of running-back. When the quarterback hands him the ball, he just grabs it and takes off. His legs start churning and he doesn’t stop until he has a pile of guys on top of him. It’s like he is saying, “Get out of my way. I’m on mission.” Many of the big plays that make it onto the highlight reels are made by the quarterback, but if it were not for the work of the running-backs, grinding out the yards on the ground, the team would never be in a position for the quarterback to make the big plays.

In essence, that is what we are to do with the principles we have been given in the Bible. We have been given principles that teach us how we ought to live in order to please God. It should not be something that has to be hammered into us. It should not be something that is forced upon us. It should be something that, as soon as we read these commands and understand these principles, we should just pick it up and run with it. We should keep moving forward for God, striving to live for Him in every way possible, until death sweeps over us and we are taken Home. We have the power to overcome the obstacles; we have been given the strength to win the battles because we have Christ on our side. To keep with the football analogy, God is in Heaven orchestrating our lives and giving us the “ball” to run with. It is up to us to carry it into the end zone – we have the responsibility of overcoming the hindrances of Satan and doing what we know is right to do.

Also, we have been given the responsibility to carry the gospel to those who have not heard. The Great Commission in Matthew 28 says we are to go to the entire world with the gospel. Pick it up and run with it. It is more important than life-saving medicine. It is more valuable than all the currency in the world. It is the only thing in life with any real value. God uses us to carry His message to a dying world. Keep your legs moving to spread that message until you can go no more.

Football is exciting, but it pales in comparison to the mission we have been given. We have a responsibility to live out the principles of God’s Word, and to carry the gospel to a lost world.

Read also: Matthew 28:19-20

Quote of the day: "We are not saved to be silent.”

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