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God Works It Out

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

George Washington didn’t start his military career as supreme commander of all of the Continental forces during the American War for Independence. He “cut his teeth” as a colonel in the French and Indian War almost thirty years earlier. His career and his life nearly ended during that time when he contracted smallpox, a disease known to have ended many lives before his. He battled furiously against it for over a month. Although he nearly died, God had spared him for the important role he would later play in the founding of America. As he lay there suffering, I’m sure George Washington wondered why God would allow such a thing to happen to him.

Fast-forward to the dark days of the American War for Independence; General Washington slowly walked among the sick and dying at Valley Forge to let them know he cared for his soldiers. Here, he won the admiration of his troops who were willing to go anywhere and fight any battle for him. General Washington was able to walk with confidence among those suffering soldiers because of the immunity he had acquired to the disease from the anguish he had endured so many years earlier. While he may have been questioning God for allowing the suffering he faced through smallpox, God was working a much bigger plan that would cast him as the star character many years later.

You may not understand everything that God is calling you to face in your life right now. It may not make a lot of sense to you why God would allow your family situation to be a difficult one. You may not have the answers to the questions you ask about why a loved one died, why your parents are divorced, or why seemingly bad circumstances surround your existence. But I can guarantee you that God knows everything you are facing, and that it is all part of the design that He has for your life. It may be difficult to face now, but God does everything for a reason, and He will work out everything for good.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up. Don’t quit on God. He has plans for your life that are so much better than the trials you are facing now.

Read also: Romans 8:18-30

Quote of the day: "Great trials often precede great triumphs.”

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