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Balancing Act

A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight. Proverbs 11:1

Can you imagine a circus performer with no ability whatsoever on a unicycle climbing onto one to do a juggling act? You would think, “How in the world did that guy ever get a job doing that if he cannot even balance on the unicycle?” Or could you imagine seeing a guy with one great big muscle-bound arm, but the rest of his body is normal? Or how about seeing a guy with a head like a hot air balloon and an average-sized body? You would, no doubt, think that those things looked pretty crazy. And you would be perfectly justified in your thoughts because for everything to be normal, it must have balance. A large head and small body is out of balance. One large arm is out of balance with the rest of a normal-sized body. And it looks weird.

Your life is no different than those outrageous things when it is out of balance. When all you think or talk about is sports, then your life is out of balance. When you spend hours a day playing video games, then your life is out of balance. Most don’t have this problem, but if you spent all your time working, then your life is out of balance. When your life revolves around a girl, then it is out of balance. I could go on for a while citing examples of things that could throw our lives out of the balance that God wants us to have. Each of the things that I mentioned, when done correctly, is not bad in itself, but when we allow any one of those things to dominate how we act or think, then something has to change because it is out of balance.

We have every right to play and talk about sports, but that should be balanced by an equal amount of study and preparation for the future. Nothing is wrong with spending a little bit of leisure time watching a clean movie or playing a healthy video game (most today are not), but that should definitely be balanced by spending at least as much time in Bible reading and prayer. (I believe most people would be flabbergasted to see the ratio of time spent in entertainment to the time spent in the things of God in their lives.) However, even our work needs to be balanced with the right amount of leisure time, or we would go crazy.

God designed a balance for the whole of nature. When that balance is not there, then things are weird. Remember that the same is true of your life.

Read also: Proverbs 16:11

Quote of the day: "The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.”

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